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The Staley, Stahli, Stäh Surname Project


Project Background: This YDNA project is established to provide a scientific method for establishing the genealogical descendants of the STALEY surname. This STALEY YDNA project is provided as a public service to help genealogist identify their most common ancestor and to communicate with their living cousins. Project Goals: The project goal is to provide assistance to all living STALEY member the opportunity to establish their YDNA profile and to identify others with whom they match. Hopefully it will idnetify as many living STALEY descendants and ancestry lines that connect to the STALEY families in Randolph County, North Carolina. Conrad Staley (1736-1816), along with his younger brothers Jacob Staley and Martin Staley, migrated into central North Carolina in about 1764 from the area around York, Pennsylvania. They were born in Germany, most likely with a surname such as Stahli, Stähli, or Stehle. It is known that many North Carolina STALEY families in the 1840-60's migrated into Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Washington, and other states. we would like to identify all these lost cousins. Are you one of them? Join the STALEY YDNA project as we strive to learn more about our great family!STALEY DNA Co-ordinator: Dennis York,

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Stahli, Staley, Stähli, Stehle

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