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The Starnes Surname Project


This project is an effort by members of the STA Starnes/Starns/Staring Triennial Association to use DNA evidence to augment the continuing growth of physical evidence tying together the descendents of Federick I, (ca 1700-1774) and Mary Goldman Staring born in German Palentate in the Alzey area who migrated to America in 1710. The research and resulting book by H. Gerald Starnes and Herman Starnes titled OF THEM THAT LEFT A NAME BEHIND is the base of this body of research and the association. If your ancestral name is among the variant spellings listed below or if you believe it could be connected to this family group, please come join us. Especially welcome would be our relatives still living in Germany.



Other surnames in Project

Stahring, Staring, Starnes, Starns, Stearns, Sterling

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