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The Stech/Steck/Steach Surname Project


This surname project is open to all persons with the surname of STECH or one of its variants. The genetic pool formed by the surnames STECH, STECK, STEACH, STEACK, STEAK, STAKE, STACH, STACK, etc., appears to be relatively small. It is possible that they are all related. However, at this time the connections between the different STECH branches are unknown. The name is thought to be derived from a nickname of Stephen, and to be both German and Czech/Bohemian in origin. One known point of origin is Aglasterhausen, Baden, in the early 1700s and, again, about 1850. Another point of origin is Steinenbronn, Baden, in about 1750. These two villages are about 40 miles apart in Baden, Germany. The initial purpose of this project is to document and connect the STECH branches which trace back to Aglasterhausen and Steinenbronn and their immediate vicinity. Beyond that, it is the purpose of this project to trace all STECH lineages to their origins in Central Europe. The more STECH descendants we can enroll in the project, the greater are our prospects of successful connection of branches. For families trying to do family reconstruction, it is prudent to test two (2) different known male cousins from each different branch. A chart of your STECH ancestry from the earliest known STECH down to you, the participant, will be required. This is to help to identify each line and assign an ID#. After you have joined our STECH group, you will receive instructions on how to send the Ancestor Tree.



Other surnames in Project

however, Stach, Stack, Stake, Steach, Steack, Steak, Stech, Steck

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