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The StinnettGenealogy Surname Project


Using the markers from the male Y chromosome, which pass virtually unchanged from father to son, several things can be determined. It is possible, for instance, to determine which lines of Stinnett, Stinet, Stinnette, Stennett or variant in the United States are related and possibly even link back to related lines in Europe. Additionally it may be possible to learn which Haplogroup or Haplotype your markers place you in and what part of the world your paternal Y ancestor originated. The area may or may not be very specific. But it is very interesting!Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX was chosen for their excellent reputation: Stinnett males interested in participating in this DNA study are strongly urged to participate in the 37-marker study or the 67-marker study rather than the 12 marker study, with the minimum recommended being the 25-marker study. The 12-marker study can no longer be used effectively to compare results and draw tentative conclusions.] If you would like to join this study, please contact volunteer co-administrators; Janet Crain and/or Lezlie Markey by clicking on Contact the Stinnett Genealogy Group Administrator below. Please note that FTDNA Surname Group Administrators are not FTDNA employees. They do not receive any form of financial payment or any other incentive or reimbursement.To be eligible you must be a male with the surname ofStinnett, Stinet, Stinnette, Stennett, Sinnett or a variant. Females who descend from a female born a Stinnett may take the mtDNA test at the group rate, but will not be included in the Surname Study. Stinnett is spelled many ways and pronounced three different ways that I know of. ATTENTION:All participants of the National Geographic Genographic DNA Project who are descended on a direct paternal or maternal line from Stinnett, Stinet, Stinnette, Stennett, or any variant are welcome to join the Stinnett Genealogy DNA Project!



Other surnames in Project

Senet, Sennet, Sinnet, Sinnett, Stenett, Stennett, Stent, Stinet, Stinett, Stinnett, Stinnette

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