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The StrachanClan Surname Project


OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: To determine the geographic origins of those bearing the surname Strachan and all derivative spellings. To assist all Strachans and derivative spellings in identifying lost family lines, and their family origins. To help lost family lines reconnect into order to help complete, and/or fill in missing blanks to their family tree. To prove or disprove that a variant spelling of our surname is linked e.g. Strachan, Strawn, Strahan, Straughan, etc. In the event that ancestors adopted the surname of the leader of the community or in honour of the person they worked for, we can establish the various groups who do share a common ancestor. The advantage here is that one or two members of the group might be further advanced in their research than you and can therefore indicate in which geographical area you should continue your search. To indicate where mistakes might have been made in family trees when it is found that certain descendants do not share the same or very similar Y-chromosome data. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE Y-DNA37 TEST. Although more expensive, it is far superior when tracing ancestry and also accuracy. However, if you decide to choose the Y-DNA12 or Y-DNA25 test, these may be upgraded in the future. CONTRIBUTIONS CLICK HERE to contribute to the General Fund for the Clan Strachan Y-DNA Project. PROMOTIONAL OFFERS: If you've tested with RELATIVE GENETICS, DNAHERITAGE, ANCESTRY, OXFORD ANCESTORS, GENEBASE... and want to participate in this project - Click Here



Other surnames in Project

Strachan, Strachen, Strachin, Strachoun, Strachquhen, Stracon, Stracquhan, Stradachin, Stradaquhin, Stragham, Straghan, Strahan, Strahaquhen, Strahin, Strahn, Straichane, Strain, Straiquhen, Straithachin, Straithauchquhyn, Straithin, Strakekyn, Stranahan, Strane, Strang, Strange, Strangeman, Straquahan, Straquhane, Straquhen, Straquhin, Straquhone, Straquhyn, Straquhyne, Straqwhane, Straqwhin, Stratauchin, Strathachane, Strathachin, Strathachine, Strathachtin, Strathachyn, Strathaiching, Strathaquhin, Strathaquhine, Strathaquhyn, Strathaqwhyne, Strathauchin, Strathauchine, Strathauchinquhyn, Strathawchin, Strathawin, Strathechin, Strathechny, Stratheyhan, Strathin, Strathzaqwyn, Strauachin, Strauauchin, Strauchen, Strauchquhen, Straughan, Straughn, Straun, Strauthauchin, Strautquhyne, Strawhun, Strawn, Strayachin, Strayquhen, Straythauchtin, Straywham, Strethachin, Strong, Stronge, Stronger, Strongman

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