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The Strauss/Strauß Surname Project


The STRAUSS Clan is a large and genetically varied group of people of both gentile and Jewish Germanic origin. Its use as a surname has already been recorded in what is today the German state of Saxony-Anhalt as long as a 1,000 years ago. Later it was adopted by numerous Jewish families, some as long ago as the 1700's. The clan is therefore made up of numerous large and often well-known families and sizeable populations outside of Europe have taken root in the USA, South Africa, Australia and elsewhere. An aim of this project is therefore to identify the different DNA profiles of the Families carrying the last name of Strauss (Strauß).



Other surnames in Project

Rosenstraus, Stras, Strass, Strassman, Straus, Strause, Strauss, Strausz, Strous, Strouse, Strouss, Strows, Strucz, Struijs, Strus, Struss, Strusz, Strutz, Struys, Struz

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