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The StreeperExtendedFa Surname Project


This project is open to anyone who has traced or believes, with the removal of one more brick wall, they could trace their ancestry to Wilhelm and Mary Lucken Streypers, who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania aboard the ?Concord?, as a member of the Krefeld Company, on 6 Oct 1683. Group members are eligible for Y-chromosome and MtDNA testing at group rates. Additional participation in the Family Tree DNA Family Finder program is strongly encouraged. Family Finder or autosomal testing goes beyond the Y- Chromosome Paternal Surname lineage and the MtDNA Maternal lineage. The Family Finder test looks at the DNA we have received from the other 14 great grand parents, not in our direct paternal and maternal line. It is hoped as the data base grows we will be able to identify some of the Streeper extended lines that do share the Streeper surname.



Other surnames in Project

or any of the many variations., Streaper, Streeper, Strepers, Streypers

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