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The Sudduth,Freeman Surname Project


Sudduth, Suddeth, Suddath, Suddarth, Suddith or any close surname derivative are welcome. In addition, close marker matches of other surnames are welcome if deemed to be possible NPE (non-paternal event) situations by the administrator(s). Initial project aims are to recruit Sudduth (and derivative surnames) paternal lines and solidify the current Fielding Sudduth (1785-1862) branches already in the project. The Fielding Sudduth descendent's goal is to merge his branch with the various other Sudduth, Suddeth, Suddath, Suddarth etc lines into a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) and hopefully find a definitive bridge from Fielding to those groups. Broadly, it is the administrators hope to find out where we fit into the M222 NW Irish Paternal Haplogroup (our haplogroup) as there are still a lot of questions on the origin of the surname and this particular haplogroup happens to be made up mostly of the gaels of N Ireland and lowland Scotland.



Other surnames in Project

Freeman M222 paternal haplogroup., Suddarth, Suddath, Suddeth, Suddith, Sudduth

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