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The SworDNAProject Surname Project


The Swor DNA Project compares the Y chromosome DNA of the various branches of the Swor family. Since the Y chromosome is only passed on from father to son, only males with the Swor surname can directly enter in the study. But all of us can benefit from the study. Therefore, cousins on each branch of the Swor family tree may want to collaborate to recruit their closest living male Swor relatives as representatives of their branch of the tree. Each participant (or group of collaborators) would need to cover the cost of their own DNA analysis. The DNA test is a simple cheek swab, and is strictly non-invasive. No blood or needles are involved, and the DNA analysis would not have any medical information; it only shows how closely related one person is to another.



Other surnames in Project

and close variants., Swar, Swor

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