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The Taplen-Tupling Surname Project


Taplen; Taplin; Tapling; Toplin; Topling; Tuplin; Tupling Do you have an interest in any of the above surnames, or variants of these names? We are attempting to discover what links exist between groups of people who share these surnames, or variants of them that we have come across in documentary research. Family history research by our one-name study project members has shown that Taplin appears in the UK to originate from the southern counties (and particularly Hampshire); whereas Tuplin/g is found in the north (and especially Lincolnshire where the earliest noted occurrence dates back to the 13th century). We started testing in 2007 when we used a different testing company, whose results are comparable to those of Family Tree DNA. The overall results we have had, indicate that the names Taplin and Tuplin are on the whole not connected. (There are some people who may have started as Tuplin/g and become Taplin/g when they moved to the south of England, or emigrated). They also seem to suggest that many if not most Tuplin/g descendants originate from a single Lincolnshire family group certainly as early as the late 1600s and probably before. In contrast it is more likely there were several family groups of Taplin in the southern counties of England dating back to at least the 16th century. We welcome new members to our group in trying to determine the origins and spread of our name(s) and linked genetic profiles, and to confirm existing documentary research. How many distinct family groups shall we find around the globe and what can you tell us about the histories of these groups? The Taplen-Tupling one-name study is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS) where you can learn more about us.



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Taplen, Taplin, Tapling, Toplin, Topling, Tuplin, Tupling

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