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The Tartakovsky Surname Project


Translated from the dialects of Ukrainian and Polish word "Tartak" means a sawmill. Accordingly, Tartakovsky is the owner or an employee of a sawmill or a native of the village with the name Tartak or Tartaki. In the first half of the 19th century approximately 40% of Tartakovskys lived in three locations in current Zhytomyr region and belonged to four families ? two families of merchants and two of urban commoners. No archival records confirming residence of Tartakovskys in the first half of 19th century outside current Zhytomyr region have been found. Because of the initial number of Tartakovsky families was at least four, and probably about ten, matching the surname does not always mean relationship in the last two centuries. The Y-DNA test could help you to discover which branch of Tartakovskys you originated from and to find your relatives. The project is opened to all males with the surname Tartakovsky or a variant of this surname.



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Tartakovsky, Tartakowsky

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