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The Taunus Surname Project


The Taunus project brings together several seemingly unrelated families. These families, however, share near matching 67 marker Y-DNA results including rare allele values. These matches make it a virtual certainty that these families have a common paternal ancestor. The name of the group, Taunus, is derived from the Taunus Mountains where its earliest known ancestors lived in the late 14th Century in the town of Eppstein. At least six surnames are currently known to have family members in this group. They are EPSTEIN, LEVY, LEVITSKY, AST, MULIVITCH, and OCHS. Additional ancestral surnames will be added as their family members join the Taunus project. The TMJ project is characterized by the modal haplotype that can be seen in its web page and membership in the R-L2 haplogroup. The Taunus project is open to FTDNA customers who match its modal haplotype on 11 out of the first 12 markers, or 23 out of the first 25 markers, or 34 out of the first 37 markers, or 63 out of all 67 markers. FTDNA customers who come close and want to join should contact the project administrator. If you have not yet been tested by FTDNA and your patrilineal ancestral name is LEVY, LEVITSKY, AST, MULIVITCH, MALKIS, OSHAROFF,or OCHS (for which there are no current FTDNA surname projects) you may join the Taunus project in order to be tested and benefit from a project member's discount. If your test results are sufficiently close to our project's you will remain a member. If not, you will be referred to an appropriate geographic or haplogroup project. If your ancestral surname is EPSTEIN, you qualify for membership in the Epstein surname project and its attendant discounts and should join it upon ordering your test. If, after testing, you qualify for the Taunus project, you will be invited to join it.



Other surnames in Project

Ast, Berman, Epstein, Gruber, Kaufman, Leidersdorf, Levitsky, Levy, Malkis, Mulivitch, Ochs, Osharoff, Taunus

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