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The Teer Surname Project


Teer, Tier and Tear are variations of the same surname, but different family lines can be identified by Y-DNA testing. The Teer project is open to all who are interested in establishing contact with other Teer lines, would like to validate their genealogical research by identifying those related, and are willing to provide mutual assistance to those participating in the project. Please consider becoming a member of the surname project and ask others to join. You must be male to be tested, but females can check their paternal line by having a male relative do the Y-DNA test. The 37 marker test is recommended, but if cost is a factor at this time, then choose the 25 marker test and upgrade at a later date. A 37 marker test will gives significant information. Fill out the join request form which will be sent to the project?s administrator for review. Direct male lineage starting with your most distant Teer ancestor and ending with yourself is re



Other surnames in Project

Tear, Teer, Tier

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