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The Tempest Surname Project


Tempest Family Tree Collaboration - DNA Project Welcome! You have reached the Project page for the Tempest Family Tree Collaboration, a volunteer, non-profit project to build a single shared family tree and supplementary genealogical resource for the Tempest family, from its earliest origins to modern times. The tree is largely drawn from the genealogical work of Eleanor Blanche Tempest (1853-1928), who married into the family, plowed through its archives and compiled a fascinating 600+ page volume that has been digitized by genealogist John Schuerman and can be found here: Eleanor Blanche Tempest's "Tempest Pedigrees". In addition, Schuerman and fellow genealogist Douglas Hicklings published during 2006 a four part tome identifying the contradictions in Eleanor Tempest's work with respect to the women on the tree in the early period, that can be found here: "Tempest Wives and Daughters in the late Medieval Period (2006)". Schuerman followed up with an additional work focusing on the earlier period of the tree in 2008 that can be found on the same site: "The Early Tempests" (2008) It is hardly within our ability to add materially to the research undertaken by these esteemed individuals. Our objective, rather, is to connect the members of the Tempest family to their ancient heritage and to create a collaborative tree for the family that lives and breathes. How can you participate? (1) Add your branches to the tree. This is a 100% shared collaboration and the tree belongs to all of us. Please do not duplicate existing entries. (2) Upload photographs and documents to the tree. Primary materials are the lifeblood of any historical endeavor and yours are just as valuable as any other. (3) Invite family members to tree. The more the merrier and maybe you will uncover someone with a latent talent for historical research; and (4) If you have the last name of Tempest, please participate in our new Y Chromosome DNA study of the Tempest family as a means of sorting out the recent branches of the tree. We actively encourage family members to participate by contacting family member Adam Brown. Our tree is comprised of various lines, some of which were founded by the following individuals: "Bracewell Line": Roger Tempest (first documented founder) "Broughton Line": Roger Tempest of Broughton "Marton Line": Thomas Tempest of Marton "Edward Tempest Line": Edward Tempest "Tong Line": Henry Tempest of Tong "Holmeside, Stanley, Stella and The Isle Lines": Sir Rowland Tempest of Holmeside "Thornley Line": Robert Tempest of Thornley Documented North American Descendants: "Mormon Line": Henry Tempest (UK to Salt Lake City 1854) "Worden Line": Peter Worden (UK to Yarmouth, Massachusetts, died 1638) Vancouver Branch: Mary Mitchell Tempest Additional lines not yet connected to the main tree: John Tempest b. 1688 (ancestor of David Brandon Tempest): John Tempest Rufus Tempest b. 1834 Kildwick (ancestor of New Zealand branch) New Zealand Branch Thomas Tempest of Newcastle b. 1740: Thomas Tempest



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Bolling, Plumbe, Tempest

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