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The Terriot Surname Project


We welcome all descendants of Jehan and Perrine (Rau) Terriau. THERIOT and THERIAULT are the most common variants of the earlier surname TERRIOT. THERIAULT or THÉRIAULT or THÉRRIAULT are the usual spellings in Canada today, and THERIOT or TERRIO is most prevalent among Louisiana descendants, among other variants, including our generic TERRIOT spelling. All Terriot males are welcome to have their Y-DNA tested. Choose to identify the fuller 25 markers, but better yet is the test for 37 markers or more. Join us and prove your heritage, plus find cousins. There is a price advantage in joining through a surname project, and you may join as many as you like. We hope to link all submitters to Jehan Terriau, who was born about 1601 in France and died in Acadia (present-day Nova Scotia). The most intriguing result will be to distinguish the various lineages by small mutations that are passed on from father to sons down the male-only line. If you have a Terriot ancestor within four or five generations, you might also consider testing your autosomal DNA through the Family Finder test. This might link you to other cousins with the same DNA in the Terriot (and variants) line. Both men and women may take this test. For more information on DNA testing and many other topics relevant to our family, visit the Terriot Acadian Family Society website at: The Family Tree DNA web site is also very informative on a variety of DNA topics.



Other surnames in Project

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