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The Terzian Surname Project


Terzian is one of the most widely used Armenian surnames, translating as ?son of the tailor?. The Armenian people originated in the Caucasus and Armenian Highlands of eastern Anatolia from a combination of regional Bronze Age peoples and a strong European strain. The Armenian modal haplotype (ht35) is a subset of R1b1b2 (previously R1b3, then R1b1c), but many others are known. As a result of the anti-Armenian genocides of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most of the Armenian population dispersed throughout the world; today more Armenians live outside Armenia than in it. The largest concentration of Armenians outside Armenia and Russia is in the United States. The purpose of this project is to facilitate the use of genetic genealogy to build the heritage of Terzian families, and to help reconnect Armenians with distant relations. Jim Terzian ( is this group?s administrator. He will launch a web page for this Project when 12 or more participant test results have been returned, or more than 3 different sets of results with MRCAs predating the modern age are found.



Other surnames in Project

Ekizian, Kharpertlian, Terzian

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