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The Thom Surname Project


DNA research, when coupled with a particular surname can help you cut a straight line to a distant ancestor - which will give you direction in your usual hard core genealogical research. You won't spend years researching a suspected branch that is unrelated. Also, taking the DNA test will preserve your family's DNA sequence for future researchers if the male counterparts of your surname disappear.Living male Thom family members are the only possible Y-DNA submitters!Unfortunately, no project data can be given out to non-members.You can become a member of the Thom project by EITHER ordering a Y-DNA kit OR donating at least $100 to the group fund.Only the actual Thom Y-DNA submitters will be listed as actual 'Members' on the list to keep the count accurate. Contributors and others can still be a part of the group.



Other surnames in Project

Thom, Thome, Thum

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