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The Thomas Surname Project


Welcome to the Thomas & other related names surname project!!IF YOU SUBMIT A REQUEST TO JOIN, be sure that you check blocked emails or your spam folder. Many of my replies are overlooked for that reason.As with other surname projects, the objectives of the THOMAS group are to find connections between our lines and to hopefully determine the countries of origin of these various families. Ultimately, by sharing our results and research we believe we might better focus our research efforts.We now have several groups of matching DNA which has allowed these participants to learn more about their ancestry or has redirected their search.If interested in joining, DO NOT ORDER THE KIT until you have submitted the request to the Thomas surname group administrator (found below). Use of any order form EXCEPT the THOMAS ORDER FORM will not get you in the Thomas surname project.I will send you a link to the THOMAS ORDER FORM as quickly as I hear from you and am able to respond! REMEMBER - this is a Y chromosome testing method so requires a direct Thomas male to participate.



Other surnames in Project

Thoma, Thoman, Thomas, Thomass, Thomassin, Thommen, Thoms, Tomas, Tommas

Join the Thomas surname project

If you want to join the Thomas project please order your DNA test here.

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