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The Thrift/Frith/Firth Surname Project


Thrift, Frith, Firth, and related surnames (Frid, Fridd, Fryd, Freeth, Freed, Vreede, Frift, Fright, Freak, Freake, Freke, Firk, Firks) may in some cases have a common origin. For more info regarding origins of these surnames, see the public website noted above. For each of these surnames there are many family lines which cannot be connected by historical documentation. The primary goal of this project is to use the DNA evidence to show, for EACH surname, which of these lines are related, going back in time beyond the end of the paper trail. In doing so we also expect to find relationships between families whose names vary but have a common origin or may have interchanged due to phonetic similarities. NOTE: It is suggested that you NOT purchase a 12- or 25-marker test. To show real relationships one needs at least 37 markers; 67 markers is often required in order to obtain interpretable results. If you have DNA results from other companies we welcome your participation, we CAN use results from companies such as or Genetree, although FTDNA is strongly preferred for several reasons.



Other surnames in Project

Evilthrift, Firk, Firks, Firth, Freak, Freake, Freek, Freeth, Freke, Frift, Fright, Frith, Thrift

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