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The Todres Surname Project


TODRES is a distinquished name throughout Jewish history, but until now we have not been able to trace the descent from the famous medieval and ancientTodres's to those alive today. No one knows whether or not all Todres' are related in the remote past. Simple DNA testing now offers us a way to answer that question.  Equally important to us is connecting to any TODRES relatives in the world today.To find clues that will enable us to accomplishe both goals, we are seeking male TODRES'  for a simple DNA study. That study will tell us:    -if- and how various extantTODRES' are related and how, and   -if some (or all) of us are connected to the illustrious TODRES dynasty of scholars, poets, ethicists, linguists of the 9th through the 15th centuries from Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Israel.



Other surnames in Project

Barbel, hodes, toder, Toderas, Toderes, Todras, Todreas, Todres, Todresewicz, Todresse, Todris, Todros, Todrus, Todrys, Tolleris, Tudris

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