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The Troyer Surname Project


This Swiss family is most often seen in the US with the Spelling -T-r-o-y-e-r. Michael Troyer (b c1730 Europe- d 1809 in Somerset County, Pa) is the founder of the Amish Troyer line and the ancestor of a large assortment of people having this surname. Project goals include: (1) just getting the project started, (2) verification of Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogy info for the Michael Troyer line (3) identify any relationships between the name variants in US and in Switzerland (4) establishing genetic relationships to both living and deceased family members.



Other surnames in Project

Caradine, Dreher, Dreier, Dreyer, Kerre, Kier, Treier, Treyer, Troyer, Tryar, Tryer

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