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The Truscott Surname Project


The purpose of this project is to learn more about how Truscotts worldwide are related by studying Y-dna. Spelling variations, such as Trescott, Truscoat and Truscotte, are welcome as well. The Truscott name is a habitation name created from a place so named in the parish of St. Stephens, Cornwall in England. It comes from the Cornish words dres, or beyond and cuit, or wood. At a time when the Visigoths were overthrowing Rome, other Germanic tribes were invading the island only recently deserted by Roman legions. Fierce Saxon and Angle tribesmen moved to England, where they pushed these ancient Britons into the frontiers. Descended from thes tribesman were the people of the Truscott family.



Other surnames in Project

Trescott, Treskett, Truscoat, Truscot, Truscott, Truscotte, Truskett

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