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The Trusinsky Surname Project


A Family Tree DNA special is available right now where new participants can order the 12-marker test (the least expensive and most appropriate for this surname project) and get a free mtDNA test, as well. The mtDNA test, remember, tests the mother's or maternal family line. The package is $99 if you order through a surname project or other group and the sale is scheduled to last until September 30. This group seeks to find and prove biological relationships with people who share some variation of the name Trusinsky. However, given that some surnames were established in the last few hundred years, and not earlier, other relationships may be found. The administrator's personal research has indicated at least 6 other spellings of the group name. There are other, closely related spellings -many of which are listed here. If you think that you may have a relationship with this surname (or name similar in some way) please contact the administrator to join or if you have any questions. The group administrator has researched his origins to the Baltic German community in Latvia, but his research strongly implies that they continue to present-day northern Germany and Poland. The names shown here are listed in alphabetical order.



Other surnames in Project

Treschinsky, Trescinskis, Treshinsky, Tresinski, Tressinszky, Trisinski, Trisinsky, Tru?inskis, Trucinski, Truczenski, Truczinski, Truczynski, Truschinski, Truschinskis, Truschinsky, Truscinski, Truscinsky, Trushinski, Trushinsky, Trusinska, Trusinski, Trusinskis, Trusinsky, Trussinsky, Truszcienski, Truszczynskis, Truszynski, Truzinski, Truzinsky, Trušinskis, Trzcinski, von Truczynski, von Truschinski, von Truschinsky

Join the Trusinsky surname project

If you want to join the Trusinsky project please order your DNA test here.

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