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The Tunnell-Tonnellier Surname Project


This project is open to anyone with the Tunnell or Tonnellier surname or variant spelling of the same. We are trying to determine the origin of the various Tunnell and Tonnellier families from anywhere in the world. This will primarily be done by testing males on their Y chromosome, but we will also test people with the surname in their direct female ancestry or anywhere in their autosomal ancestry. A 37 marker Y DNA test is recommended for males. More markers can then be tested if needed to further define family groups. The full mtDNA test is best for determining males and females direct female line, but the less costly HVR1 and HVR2 test will also work. The Family Finder autosomal test will help you find relatives from your most recent 5th or 6th generation of ancestors. I am always available to answer questions you may have about the testing.



Other surnames in Project

Tonnellier, Tunnel, Tunnell

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