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The Turner Surname Project


Worldwide Scope: Originally focused on Turner families with roots in the mid-Atlantic and Southern US, the Turner project now welcomes all Turners (including variant names Turnor, Turnour, Tournier, etc.) who wish to identify their genetic cousins throughout the world through DNA testing and sharing their paternal Turner lineage. Joining the project requires the purchase of a DNA test kit. It is not just a discussion group. The person testing MUST be a male surnamed TURNER with no female interruption in the line. Each member MUST supply the Group Administrator with an abbreviated lineage outline giving dates and locations where known back to the earliest CONFIRMED ancestor. Information on living people is not made public. A female with CLOSE Turner connections might join the project by purchasing a Family Finder test for themselves but this test will not actually be part of the Turner Surname Project results and can not be compared to the Y-DNA results. However, anyone joining the project who is has done a Family Finder test who does not fit within the stated parameters will be removed from the project if it is deemed by the group administrator that their Turner ancestry is so far back that it is unlikely to be useful for determining connections. If you have a question, please e-mail the group administrator before ordering a test.



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