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The Tyner/Tiner Surname Project


As of 6-28-2011, FORTY THREE individuals are participating through Family Tree DNA however 40 have been actively testing. We are looking for as many Tyner-Tiner males as possible who share in our desire to link up isolated clans that have common ancestory. While y-dna links males father to son back as far as it can be recorded, the ladies will find mt-dna offers you tracking possibilities though it is much more difficult. Even more, there are several specialized tests available to you that can show geographical origins, Native American ancestry as well as many others. Are the Ohio, New York, Canadian, California, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Indiana Tyners related? Did your research hit the brick wall with Richard, David, Harris, Nicholas, Benjamin, William, Sarah, John or Dempsey? Y-DNA is a tool, one of many. It doesn't answer direct questions for everyone but it is a valuable adjunct to be used with your hard won paper trail. Join us and help your cousins take a brick out of the wall! The Tyner-Tiner Project Co-Administrators are: Bill Tyner : Ken Tyner: Tammy Owen: Tammy recently created a new Tyner-Tiner DNA website at: You will see more variants of the name have been entered and if after testing these are found to be more appropriate to another surname, they may be transferred at their option. We have also updated the membership DNA list with known subgroups. We welcome you to the Tyner-Tiner Project! Tammy, Ken and Bill



Other surnames in Project

however, Letener, LeTynere, Tayner, Teneur, Tenner, Tenor/Tener, Thiner, Thinner, Thynae, Ticktiner, Tiktiner, Tinar, Tiner, Tinner, Tinor, Tyner, Tynes, Tynnerson, Tynor, Tyrer

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