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The Umberger-Umbarger Surname Project


The objective of the Umberger Surname DNA Project is to (a) refine groupings of Umberger and Umbarger surnames and any other associated surname, and enable males to determine which group their ancestor belonged to, (b)enable members of the group to establish contact with others in their group who might have information to share, and (c) Identify their immigrant origination, and the subsequent migration paths. Haplogroups may vary, please don't hold back on joining the group if you see no match. If you have the same or variation of the Umberger surname, I'd still like you to join. Also, this project may include or exclude members of a family group.There may be other variations of the name that are very welcome to join in the project, such as Humberger, Umbargo, Umberg, Womberger Woberger, and I'd like to know if the names Ambergy, Amburgy, Zumberger are also in this group ?Thank-You



Other surnames in Project

Etc., etc.+6, however, Umbarger, Umbargo, Umberg, Umberger, Womberger

Join the Umberger-Umbarger surname project

If you want to join the Umberger-Umbarger project please order your DNA test here.

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