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The UsseryY-Chromosome Surname Project


The Ussery Y-Chromosome DNA Project is open to all MALES of the Ussery surname, in all its variants and all its spellings, from anywhere in the world. Please remember that, for genealogical purposes, the person being tested should be a biological Ussery male, not an adopted Ussery male. The Ussery DNA Project uses the DNA information that is on the Y chromosome (the male chromosome), which is handed down from father to son to grandson, and so on down through the generations. Women do not have a Y chromosome and do not carry Ussery DNA, even if their maiden name was Ussery. Ussery women are encouraged to recruit any biological Ussery male to join the group, usually their father, brother, cousin, uncle, or grandfather. Ussery researchers should remember that there was no spelling standardization for hundreds of years, and a person's name was likely spelled in various ways, often within the same document. It isn't uncommon for family researchers to have begun studying a surname, only to find that it morphed or changed into a different name in the past. It is important to keep an open mind on the spelling in old documents. It is VERY IMPORTANT that when you receive your DNA results, that you go to your personal settings page and choose to compare your results against the ENTIRE DATABASE, NOT just the Ussery group! It is possible that you are related to someone whose name is no longer spelled exactly like yours. A word of caution: 12-marker tests often yield MANY matches between a man and other males of completely different surnames. This means that the matched-up males of different surnames are likely related -- but so long ago that surnames hadn't even been thought of. The higher-marker tests will be more accurate in determining kinship within a more recent time frame. If your surname is not listed below, but is a similar variation, you are welcome to join this group.



Other surnames in Project

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