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The VanGilder Surname Project


It has recently come to light that male Van Gilder descendants of the Jacob Van Gilder family of Monongalia and Marion Counties, West Virginia and Cape Girardeau County, Missouri have the uniquely Native American Hablogroup Q1a3a1 also known as Q-M3. This means that Jacob was not the immigrant from Holland that his descendants thought him to be. There is also a group of known descendants of the Mohican Indian named Toanunck who was from the Egremont, Berkshire County, Massachusetts area and who became known as Jan Van Gelder or John Van Gilder. We are interested to know if these two groups of Van Gelders/Van Gilders/Van Guilders are related to each other. Our goal is to have as many people with some form of the Van Gilder surname Y-DNA tested as possible to figure out which groups of Van Gilders in the United States are related to one another. This project will benefit all descendants whether they are from an actual Dutch Van Gilder family or descend from a Native American man who took the name at some point. We will link up different groups of Van Gilders who have the same Y-DNA. This project will help us pick up where the paper trail leaves off.



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