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The VanLeuven Surname Project


The Van Leuven/Van Luven Y-Chromosome DNA project is an attempt to identify the key subgroups of the family and to illustrate their participation in several notable migrations throughout the centuries. All Van Leuvens are invited to join. We hope to establish four key objectives, both short and long-term, through a specific agenda. As follows: (1) Illustrate the migration pattern of the Van Leuven/Van Luven family since their arrival at New Amsterdam/New York in the first half of the 17th century. (2) Define the three subgroups that resulted from two primary divisions: A.) The first division within the family occurred between 1775 and 1815 when the Royalist Van Leuvens emigrated from the Colonies/United States over to Canada. B.) The second division within the family occurred between 1835 and 1855 when a contingent of Van Leuvens emigrated westward along with Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and their fellow pioneers. (3) Identify the individual relationships/lineages of those pre-20th century Van Leuvens who remained in New York and the East Coast. (4) Connect the North American Van Leuvens to those who remained in Europe and/or emigrated to other points on the globe. The Canadian and the Mormon Van Leuven families seem to have better documented lineages than the Van Leuvens who remained in New York and the eastern United States. It is our hope, through the use of this new technology, to better define the lineages of those who remained in the East and to ultimately connect this history with the rest of the family. Several genealogical publications have been made available throughout the years, providing wonderful illustrations of our family and written in the much-treasured oral tradition. These books contain the stories and the achievements of our ancestors, such that Census information and land deeds would otherwise be nothing more than a useless collection of data. However, census information, birth records, land



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Van Leuven, Van Luven, VanLeuven, VanLuven

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