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The VanNorman Surname Project


Welcome to the Van Norman (etc.) Y-DNA Project. Anyone with this surname or any of it's variations is welcome to join. The surname itself is believed to indicate that our earliest immigrant was from Arnhem in Gelderland, Netherlands. Since the Dutch were using Patronymics in the 1600s, there may be some surprises ahead of us during our research of the early lines. At present, we are trying to determine whether all Van Normans in North America descend from a single couple, or if there are several progenitors with the name. Our goal is to link together as many of the various Van Norman family lines as we possibly can, to confirm the research of some participants , to break down brick walls for others, and to prove the connection back to the Netherlands for the family. Additional information is available at our other Van Norman webpage:



Other surnames in Project

Van Aarnem, Van Arman, Van Arnam, Van Arnheim, Van Arnum, Van Eman, Van Emman, Van Emmen, Van Immen, Van Name, Van Namen, Van Norman, Van Normen, Van Orman, Van Ormen, Van Ornam, Van Ornum, Vanaman, Vanarman, Vanarmun, Vanarnam, Vanarnum, Vaneman, Vanneman, Vannorman, Vanorman

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