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The Via Surname Project


The goal of this Y-DNA Via Surname Project is to create a permanent database of all the Via family members. Eventually, as more and more people join the Via Surname Project should make it possible for all members to identify their founding Via family line. We welcome members of all spelling of the name, everywhere. We hope to be able to link the American lines to those in Europe and worldwide. We also hope this project will connect all the family branches, and to verify the existing documentation and research that our cousins have put together in the paper trail. We hope to find and connect branches of the family that have been lost. DNA testing results don't get out of date and they are very accurate. Even if there is no match for a member today, there could be a match tomorrow as more and more people take the test. The KEY is to get your Y-DNA data on file, so that time is not wasted going down the wrong genealogical trails. Please check our website out and see all the great results. So join our group and have some FUN and learn about YOUR Y-DNA and YOUR Via family line.



Other surnames in Project

Vea, Via, Viar, Viars, Vice, Vier, Viers, Vires, Vrie, Vrie and any other spelling!

Join the Via surname project

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