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The VINISH Surname Project


This is a Y-DNA project to investigate the genetic origins and family history of the VINISH surname. The tests are done on the Y-chromosome which is passed from father to son, and he to his son, etc. Thus participants in this project must be male and have the VINISH surname. Female Vinish members are welcome to have their mt-DNA tested through this website and test results displayed here. The VINISH family I have been researching has a German background with four generations born in Herczegfalva (now Mezõfalva)in Hungary. One brave family member emigrated from Hungary to Canada in 1902. In researching the VINISH surname I have discovered every person in Canada with the surname of VINISH can be traced back to our immigrating pioneer, Ferenc Vinis and his 8 children. Our family is represented in the United States by a family of 10. To date I have not come in contact with related family in Hungary. The VINISH spelling is the Canadianized version of VINIS, with a more recent three Canadian branches adopting the spelling of VINNISH. Previous spellings found in the Hercegfalva church record books going backwards in time, VINIS, VINISCH, VINDISCH. The name is also spelled as WINIS, WINISCH and a well known German surname of WINDISCH. The science of genetic DNA testing is in its infancy and I?m hoping by creating this data base of Vinish/Vinnish DNA results, future study may help us research back even further to establish where in Germany our Vinish family came from. Anyone with any variation of the above surnames is invited to participate in this project.



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