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The Vives Surname Project


The purpose of this project is to unite the many people of Vives surname throughout the world. The project is for males only with the exact match to the surname Vives, whose father was a Vives. Many Vives exist in Spain, France, and England but others migrated to Latin America, the United States, and other countries throughout the world. It would be interesting to see how far we have migrated from what we believe are European roots. A second purpose is to explore our jewish ancestry, as some branches are jewish. We request that you ask that this be tested with your kit. The third goal is to pin-point as closely as possible the area of geographical origin of this name, which appears to be the town of Viviers in France in Alpes-de-Rhone. To obtain information for this third goal we request that you provide a geneological chart of your ancestors and any annecdotal information regarding your ancestral geographical origin. We use the Y-DNA12 kit, but strongly encourage the use of Y-DNA25 or 37. Members are also encouraged to join the National Geographic Geonome Project.



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