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The Vizzaccaro Surname Project


For the genealogical study of Vizzaccaro families. Our primary goal is to identify, through the use of Y-DNA testing, the relatedness of Vizzaccaro families in Italy, Canada, the United States and elsewhere. It is hoped that we can establish whether or not all Vizzaccaro families are biologically related (i.e. have a single common ancestor) and, if so, establish how distant in time such an ancestor might have lived. This project is open to anyone with a variant of the Vizzaccaro surname. Because it relies on Y-DNA, which is passes solely from father to son, all participants will need a direct male descendant of someone with the Vizzaccaro, Vizachero, Vizzaccero, Vizzacchero, Vizacaro, or Vizzachero surname to supply the DNA for testing. We strongly encourage you to order the Y-DNA 37 marker test or, at the very least, the 25-marker test. The 12-market test, while inexpensive, does not provide enough resolution for our purposes. We are not encouraging participants to order the 67-marker test at this stage of our project. Due to the state of genealogical records, the odds of indentifying a common ancestor before 1750 or so is very low. The most interesting genealogical information for our study will concern the last eight generations or so, and the 37 marker test is designed to yield the best results within this time frame. If the costs of the 25 or 37 market tests are a concern, then please let us know. Funds are available cover cost of these higher resolution tests. Email with questions.



Other surnames in Project

Vizacaro, Vizachero, Vizcarra, Vizzaccaro, Vizzaccero, Vizzacchero, Vizzachero

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