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The Weatherly Surname Project


To determine and compare haplogroup and haplotype information for the surname and its variants, worldwide, the preferred test is yDNA-37 or yDNA-67. The first kit was ordered on 7 June 2005.Weatherly derives from wetter (ram / sheep) + lea (pasture) in Middle English. In the U.S., the progenitor was John Weatherly of Dorchester Co., Eastern Shore Maryland, in many instances, and James Weatherly, Sr., of Somerset Co., MD, in other instances. There were also Weatherly lines in such diverse places as SC and NJ. John, the son of James Jr. of Somerset Co., MD, was born in 1726. Dorchester/Caroline Co., MD: John (~1717), William (~1739), Levi (~1768), and Denny (1807, Guilford Co., NC - 1885, Benton Co., AR). Denny was said to be both a farmer and a blacksmith. Denny's wife (who he married about 1828, of Wilson Co., TN) was Angeline (1804 or 1808, NC - 1857, Benton Co., AR), of reputed Amerindian origins. Those women who descend umbilically, female-to-female, from Angeline Weatherly may test for mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) herein to verify an Amerindian haplogroup. This group's administrator extends an offer to sponsor such an mtDNA test. In NC, there were Cherokee (Algonquin linguistics) as well as various other tribes (Siouan linguistics). Denny's daughter, Caroline Weatherly (1829-1879) married Robert S. Ozment, Sr., in Wilson Co., TN, in 1849, before relocating to Drew Co., AR, later that year.



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