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The Wereley Surname Project


Visit Eden's Tree Genealogy at for Wereley Family Information. The various branches of the Wereley family spread over the globe during the Palatine migrations. Since that time, brick walls have obscured the relationships among the various lines, intermarriages have muddied the waters and missing documentation has brought despair to many a family researcher. The DNA project will utilize the indelible footprint of our genetic material to establish the warp and weave of the fabric of our family. 12, 25 and 37 marker tests are available here to establish our branches place in our lineage. Surnames of interest include Wereley, Werely, Werley, Wearly, Weerlie, Wehrli, and variations thereof.



Other surnames in Project

Wearly, Weerlie, Wehrli, Wereley, Werely, Werley

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