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The Whitebread Surname Project


The Whit(e)bread DNA Project is open to anyone interested in discovering more about the relationships and origins of the various families bearing the name. The project is an extension to the existing One-Name Study for Whitebread, Whitbread and Wheatbread. Information on this study can be found on the Guild of One-Name Studies web site: The main aim of the project is to discover which families have a common ancestor and how many separate lineages there are. Examples of the questions we would like to answer: 1. Are all Bedfordshire (UK) Whitbread families related and how long ago did each one separate? 2. Are the Essex Whitbreads related to the Bedfordshire families? 3. How are the different Kentish Whitebread families related and did they all originate in Sussex? 4. From which of these UK families do families now living in other countries descend? 5. Are the US Whitebreads of German ancestry (originally Weisbrod) at all related to the UK families? You must be male to take this simple cheek swab test, and you should bear one of the surnames shown or a variant of these, or if you have another name, you have evidence that your direct male line originally had this name. We encourage males who order a Y DNA test to order 37 markers, if possible, as this gives more information and allows different family branches to be identified. 12 markers is currently quite cost effective, so this would also be an option as a starter, and one can always upgrade later.



Other surnames in Project

Blancpain, Weisbrod, Weisbrot, Wheatbread, Whitbread, Whitebread, Wyssbrod

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