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The Williston Surname Project


Our Williston Y chromosome project has proven that Joseph Williston of Springfield, Mss.(b.1701)and John Williston, b. ca. 1658, of Suffolk County, Mass. are not related. The Canadian descendants of John Bailey Williston-Loyalist (b.1757) are a perfect match for the Springfield Willistons. We still need a participant down from either Nathaniel Williston (b.1707) or his half brother John Williston (b.1715) to confirm the genetic signature of their father, Joseph Williston Sr. (b.1667) of Springfield, MA. We have an excellent match between the Boston and N.C. Willistons suggesting they both descend from John Williston & Abigail Salisbury of Milton, MA. However, we need a participant with an unquestionable paper trail from Williston/Salisbury to NC to confirm this. Still eagerly anticipating participants from the other variants of the name. Most researchers of Colonial America are of the opinion that Williston was once Wollaston. Hopefully participation from both the Australian and English families will shed light on this. We are also interested in the following early North American Immigrants and their descendants: Hugh Woollystone- arrived in Virginia 1608. Was Gentleman who came over in the second supply. Captain (Richard?) Wollaston arrived at Braintree, MA in 1626. Thomas Wollaston arrived in Delaware in 1664. Robert Wooleston who had land in Lancaster County, Virginia in 1658. Josiah Woolaston who held deeds in Boston between 1665-1668.



Other surnames in Project

Wiliston, Willison, Willisson, Williston, Willistone, Wollaston, Wolleston, Wolliston, Woolaston., Woolystone

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