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The Windsor Surname Project


The Windsor Family DNA Surname Project exists to determine the various Windsor family lines, their genetic composition and the interrelationships of the members. Such information is invaluable to family historians and genealogists, and also to geneticists, anthropologists and social historians. Our project continues to grow, both quantitatively and qualitatively. As of April 2014, we have identified five distinct North American Windsor family lines. Moreover, no individual represented in this project has tested fewer than the recommended 37 markers. A number of our members have taken their testing one step further and tested a second class of Y-DNA markers known as SNPs. We recommend that members do this after the initial testing has been completed, as it offers a great deal of new information. This project has been organized with several goals in mind. First is that of allowing individual Windsor men to learn their own family's unique genetic signature, known as a "haplotype." Once this is known, it is then possible to match with genetic kin. A second goal is to identify the various Windsor lines that settled in various parts of the world. At present, this is limited to North America, but it could easily be expanded to include other parts of the world once we have men from those areas taking part. Ultimately, this project will connect Windsor men around the world back with their kin in the United Kingdom, the ancestral homeland of the various Windsor lines. In furtherance of this aim, we strongly encourage Windsors living in the British Isles to join. Please help us build a truly valuable Windsor family DNA database by ordering one of the five Y-DNA tests offered at a discount through the Project. Family Tree DNA recommends the Y-DNA 37 or higher (25 markers or fewer are not terribly useful for identifying near kin). More information is always preferable to less. By joining the Windsor Family DNA Surname Project, you agree to allow us, at our expense, to upgrade your existing DNA results and/or perform additional testing as needed. All such results appear anonymously on the public website, with only the testing kit number, Most Distant Known Ancestor information and country of origin appearing along with the DNA results. Your participation helps us maintain the quality of the data in our database, both for today's family historians and for those far off in the future.



Other surnames in Project

Windsar, Windser, Windsor, Windzer, Windzor, Winser, Winsor, Winzar, Winzer, Winzor, Wyndsor

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