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The Wolper Surname Project


The WOLPER Family Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. For men, you may test your Y-DNA. In this case, you must have the surname WOLPER or a spelling variant of this surname (such as WOLPERT, WALPER, WALPERT, VOLPER, VOLPERT, VALPER, VALPERT, etc.). For men or women who want to test their maternal ancestry, you will need to order the mitochondrial DNA test. This test should be ordered if ANY of the following apply: your mother´s mother´s mother, OR your mother´s mother´s mother´s mother, OR your mother´s mother´s mother´s mother´s mother, and so on down the mother´s maternal line of the family, had the surname WOLPER or a variant spelling of the surname. From these tests, we will be able to see if we have common ancestry, and furthermore, narrow down the year of which two people had a common ancestor using the newer Y-DNA67 test and/or the Mt DNA Plus (high resolution Maternal Match) test. We will know which families may be more closely related to others. We feel that this will help us to better understand and to be able to proceed much more efficiently with our research. Also, this will enable us to formulate a map of the paths that our ancestors took throughout the centuries. It would be extremely interesting. Note: The group has decided to all use the Y-DNA67 test (male 67 marker paternal test (group) and/or the mt DNA Plus (high resolution Maternal Match) test. Please e-mail the group administration, Robert RUBIN, if you have any questions or comments.



Other surnames in Project

Valpe, Valper, Valpert, Volpa, Volpaw, Volpe, Volper, Volpert, Walpe, Walper, Walpert, Wolpa, Wolpaw, Wolpe, Wolper, Wolpert

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