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The Woodall Surname Project


This Woodall Surname Project is established to help break through many Woodall brick walls. Several of us believe we are connected to a distant Woodall's that lived in Virginia, Maryland or somewhere else in the USA, but due to courthouse fires and other lost records are currently unable to know which Woodall we might be connected to. There's also some who live in the USA, Canada, England and Australia and want to be able to find where our roots originated in England. We are unsure of where our roots began and need help in finding which Woodall line we can claim as our own. So sign up and lets see how many of us this new tool can help get connected. Visit the web site shown above to see some test results and learn of the excitement being generated by this new and exciting genealogy research tool. To date new connections have been established, some paper trails confirmed and other paper trails found with errors. We have some 25 different DNA Woodall Families, most here in the US, with some in England.



Other surnames in Project

Odell, Udell, Uvedale, Vuedall, Wodal, Wodle, Woodall, Wooddall, Woodell, Woodhall, Woodhull, Woodul

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