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The YANTIS Surname Project


We invite all with the variant spellings of the YANTIS family. Some include YANTIS, YANTES, YANTISS. German variants include JANTES, GENTES. The story of Richard YANTIS whose results initiated this project is: There were three Yantis bros, Daniel, Jacob and John who migrated from Southwest Germany (Breitfurt and Herbitzheim, both on the Blies River) to MD and southern PA (Littlestown) ca 1763. Jacob moved to Loudon Co, VA and ca 1787 to the Old Crab Orchard area of KY, on the Dix/Dicks River. His oldest son, John, was a Capt in the KY Militia in the War of 1812, captured by Tecumseh at the Battle of Ft Meigs in Northwest Ohio, but paroled not long thereafter, lucky to be alive, as most of his unit were massacred. John later served in the KY Legislature for 22 yrs before moving to MO.



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