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The Youngblood Surname Project


The Youngbloods appeared in NY in the 1600s and seem to have followed three major US migration paths... MD>>PA>>OH, or MD/PA>>NC>>SC>>GA>>AL>>MS>>TX and west to CA or MD>>NC>>SC>>TN>>MO>>AK>>TX...CA One of the major goals is to tie these groups to a common ancestor. Results indicate that there two major groups: What we call the GREEN group - descendents of John Miles YB arriving in 1708 and before and the GRAY/BLUE/PURPLE Group arriving after 1710 from Palatinate Germany. This Project is open to all Youngbloods, Youngs, Jungbluts, Jongbloedts,Jungbludts or other of the various Pre- or un-Anglicized versions of the name. There is a major benefit in knowing what can be known from a YDNA profile...which family groups to focus on with your research and which groups need no focus. I hope you find this project as imminently helpful as I did. My dad and I spent 30+ years trying to find our connection to John Miles Youngblood line..our YDNA is NOT GREEN.



Other surnames in Project

Jungblut,, Young, Youngblood

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