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The Zehner Surname Project


Purpose: 1) To test the hypothesis that Johann Adam Zehner (say 1735-1814) late of Schuylkill Co., Pa., was a close relative of a certain Johann Michael Zehner (1745- aft 1820) of Alsace, Lorraine. (N. B.: Descendants of the latter now go by several surnames including, but not limited to, Zenor, Zeanor, Saner, and Sanor. Further, some descendants of the former now use the surname Zaner or Zahner) 2) To assist the effort to locate the Germanic birthplace of Johann Adam Zehner. 3) To assist in validating (or challenging) the documented genealogy of the descendants of the same Johann Adam Zehner reported in the recent book, The Johann Adam and Anna Maria (Mertz) Zehner Family of Berks and Schuylkill Counties, Pennsylvania, by William J. Zehner. 4) To provide a public database in support of all those individuals of the Zehner surname (and all current variants) who seek their ancestral past.



Other surnames in Project

Saner, Sanor, Zahner, Zaner, Zeanor, Zehner, Zenor

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