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Surname Abbing - Meaning and Origin

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Abbing: What does the surname Abbing mean?

The surname Abbing is of Dutch origin, derived from the personal name "Abbe," a shortened form of Germanic names beginning with the element "adal" that means "noble." Thus, the surname is likely a patronym, given originally to a person who was the son of, or in some way related to, a man named Abbe. It is a common naming tradition, especially in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, to use the father's name as a surname for the next generation. Therefore, a simple interpretation of the surname Abbing could be "the son of Abbe." As with most surnames, however, it's important to remember that this is a general interpretation and the specific meaning can vary based on the family's history. Individual interpretations could differ depending on family lineage and origin of the specific family bearing the name.

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Abbing: Where does the name Abbing come from?

The surname Abbing is of Dutch origin. It is believed to have derived from the personal name "Abbe," which is of Old German origin. The suffix "-ing" typically indicates "descendant of" or "belonging to" in Germanic languages, which makes "Abbing" mean "descendant of Abbe."

In the past, this name was common in families from the northern provinces of the Netherlands, especially Groningen, where many people took their first name as their last name with the addition of "-ing."

Today, it's less common overall, but it can still primarily be found in its country of origin, the Netherlands. You can also find some bearers of the surname in countries where Dutch emigration was significant, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

However, it's worth noting that surname distribution does change over time and can be influenced by several factors like migration and marriage, so the prevalence of the Abbing surname can vary.

Variations of the surname Abbing

The surname Abbing is of Dutch origin, and it's relatively rare. There are several alternative spellings including Abbink, Abbingh, and Abbenga. It is not uncommon for double letters, like the double "b" in Abbing, to be reduced to a single letter in alternate spellings, leading to possibilities such as Abing or Abinck. Additionally, the use of 'gh' instead of 'g' in some Dutch names could lead to versions such as Abbingh or Abbigh. The addition or dropping of a final 'a', as is the case with Abbenga, is also frequently seen in the Dutch language.

In terms of related surnames, it may be related to the German surname Abbinghaus due to geographic proximity and the similar linguistic roots of Dutch and German.

Despite these possible variants and connections, detailed records for the surname Abbing and its variants appear to be relatively limited, suggesting that these surnames are rare. Determining the exact origin and full list of potential variants would likely require extensive genealogical research or professional consultation.

Famous people with the name Abbing

  • Pieter Abbing (1946: ), Dutch professional football player who has played with FC Eindhoven, PSV Eindhoven, Helmond Sport, and De Graafschap.
  • Fon Jans Abbing (1799: 1868), Dutch watercolour painter.
  • Joy Abbing (1951: ), Dutch politician, serving as a Member of the European Parliament and member of the Partij van de Arbeid.
  • J.J.W. Abbing (1923: 2008), Dutch writer and poet who wrote on the subject of spiritualism and Buddhism, based in Amsterdam.
  • Lisa Abbing (1969: 2020), Dutch journalist who wrote about lifestyle and travel, based in The Hague.
  • Maurice Abbing (1927–1998) Dutch mathematician, studying special analysis, numerical analysis, and numerical algebra.
  • Willem Jacob Abbing (1842: 1904), Dutch painter, known for his portraits, marine views, and landscapes.
  • Wybrand Abbing (1920: 2000), Dutch photographer, who had his own studio in Amsterdam.
  • Tijmen Abbing (2001: ), Dutch professional footballer who plays with PEC Zwolle.
  • Rebecca Abbing (1985: ), Dutch professional actress and singer, known for her work in theatre and musicals.

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