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Surname Abdalla - Meaning and Origin

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Abdalla: What does the surname Abdalla mean?

The last name Abdalla is an Arabic name that has several possible meanings. It is believed to come from the Arabic personal name Abd-Allah, which literally means "servant of God". Although this literal translation is the most common, some sources suggest that Abdalla can also have a more nuanced interpretation of “servant of glory.”

The Abdalla surname may be linked to the Islamic faith, due to the the phrase "servant of God" being a common Islamic greeting. This would suggest the name is most likely found among families of Middle Eastern and North African descent.

The Abdalla last name may also be associated with Arabic region of Iraq and its neighbors. This is because the name is very common in these regions and can be traced back to pre-Islamic times.

In recent years, Abdalla has evolved to be a highly respected last name throughout the world. It is known for upholding the values of the Islamic faith and is particularly prevalent among those who are deemed to have served God.

No matter the origin, Abdalla is most certainly a surname of distinction that symbolizes a strong and unwavering faith. In short, the name Abdalla encapsulates the belief that those who serve God are truly blessed.

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Abdalla: Where does the name Abdalla come from?

Abdalla is a common surname today in the Arab world. It is most commonly found throughout the Middle East, including countries like Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon. It is also common in Egypt and other parts of North Africa, as well as in many parts of South Asia.

The origin of the Abdalla surname is believed to be Arabic, and it is most commonly used by people of Arab descent. Thesymbolic meaning of the name is "servant of God" according to some sources, and it is sometimes shortened to "Abd" or "’Abba". In addition to being part of a surname, it is often found in names like Mohammed or Abdullah.

In the West, the Abdalla surname has been adopted by many immigrants of Arab descent, especially those with family ties from the Middle East. It is not uncommon to find this surname among citizens in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other western nations.

It is also often seen in celebrity platforms either with celebrities with this name, or with Middle Eastern surnames. Examples of this include Syrian actor Fares Abdalla, United States Senators from Iraq and Syrian descent, Modern Family actor Yara Shahidi, and Olympic fencer from Egypt, Alaaeldin Abouelkassem.

Variations of the surname Abdalla

The surname Abdalla originates from the Arabic language and is common in the Middle East. It is a patronymic name derived from the given name Abd Allah, which means “servant or worshiper of Allah” or “God”. In some regional dialects, the name may also be spelled as Abdallah, Abd Al-llah, or Abdel-llah.

In addition, Abdalla may also be written differently, depending on the region of the Middle East. In Levantine Arabic, it is written as Abd-Alla or Abdalla. Meanwhile, in Persian, it is written as Abdollah.

Most variants of the name Abdalla also have common surnames, which are found among different groups in various parts of the Middle East and some parts of Africa. Some common surnames that originate from the name Abdalla include Abdallaoui, Abdallah, Abdellatif, Abdely, Abdulla, and Abdullahi. These surname variants also have a variety of spellings, such as Abdallaoui, Abd-al-lah, Abdallouhi, Abdalah, Abdallati, Abdelli, Abdullah, and Abdallahi.

As a result, if someone with the surname Abdalla were to trace their family history, they would likely find a variety of spellings of their name across generations and regions. Additionally, they would likely also find the numerous surnames that originated from the same paternal line.

Famous people with the name Abdalla

  • Husayn Husayn Abdalla: renowned novelist and writer of many books including Bukra Gharib wa Shams Maghrib.
  • Hanan Abdalla: Egyptian Olympic shooter who represented her country at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • Maha Almadani Abdalla: Kuwaiti medical practitioner and board member of Al Ahmadi Clinical and Medical Institute.
  • Yasser Abdelaziz Abdalla: deputy ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Rome.
  • Hanny F. Abdalla: Sri Lankan diplomat who served as the Permanent Representative of her country to the United Nations (2016–2019).
  • Mohamed Sudqi Abdalla: former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Egypt (2008–2011).
  • Nabil Hani Abdalla: former Emirati Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.
  • Saleh Abdalla: Kenyan executive police officer and former close security advisor to the President of Kenya.
  • Rami Abdalla: Jordanian businessman and Chairman of Arab Banking Corporation.
  • Osama Abdelaziz Abdalla: Egyptian Aden Port Authority Chairman and CEO of Yemen Gateway Shipping Agency.

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