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Surname Abdel-Karim - Meaning and Origin

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Abdel-Karim: What does the surname Abdel-Karim mean?

The last name Abdel-Karim is a combination of two Arabic words: “Abdel” and “Karim”. The word “Abdel” translates to “servant of” in Arabic; while “Karim” is an Arabic term meaning “generous” or “noble”.

The combination of these two words means “servant of the generous one”. As such, the last name Abdel-Karim is associated with service to God, meaning that someone with this last name is believed to serve God in obedience and modesty. They are expected to be considerate and generous to others with their time and resources.

In the Islamic faith, some have even come to believe that the Quranic parental names ‘Abdel’ and ‘Karim’ together, create an atmosphere of peace and blessing.

The name Abdel-Karim can also carry a powerful message of reverence for God. Historically, the surname symbolized a devotion to Allah and is believed to bring strength in times of difficulty. It implies that if an individual places their trust in God, they will be taken care of fully and justly.

In summary, the name Abdel-Karim is a combination of two Arabic words meaning “servant of the generous one”. This surname carries connotations of service to God, reverence, and devotion. It can also symbolize an atmosphere of peace and blessing from Allah and a belief that a person’s trust in God will be justly rewarded.

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Abdel-Karim: Where does the name Abdel-Karim come from?

The last name Abdel-Karim is most prominently found throughout the Middle East, particularly in North African countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, plus parts of the Arabian Peninsula. According to, it is also present in areas of the United States where large Middle Eastern populations and their diasporas have settled.

The Arabic form of Abdel-Karim is عبدالكريم, which means "servant of the most generous" or “one who shows grace and generosity to others” and it can be found in other forms, such as Abdelkarim, Abdel Karim, Abdel-Karim, and Abdul Karim. The name is often used in honor of the Islamic scholar Ibn al-Kanabīs, who was renowned for his generosity and wisdom.

The history of Abdel-Karim is thought to have begun in the 12th century with Ibn al-Kanabīs, but as the name has been passed down in families since then, it is difficult to say with certainty when and where it truly emerged. Regardless, the name has persisted in various countries and continents, joining countless others in reflecting both the rich history of the region and its cultural diversity.

Variations of the surname Abdel-Karim

Abdel-Karim is an Arabic surname that can apply to either men or women. It is traditionally spelled as عبد الكريم in Arabic, though it may also appear in different forms depending on the language or country.

Variants of the surname include ‘Abdul Karim’, ‘Abdul-Karim’, and ‘Abdulkarim’. Spellings of the same origin as Abdel-Karim include ‘Abd el Karim’, ‘Abd el-Karim’, and ‘Abdalkarim’.

Other surnames that have the same origin as Abdel-Karim are ‘Karim’, ‘Karimi’, ‘Abdelkarim’, ‘Abdulkrim’, ‘Abdel-Kareem’, ‘El-Karim’, ‘Kareem’, and ‘Kareemi’.

Abdel-Karim is derived from the Arabic phrase عبد الكريم which means ‘servant of the Generous’. The surname is used in many countries where Arabic is spoken, including Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Saudi Arabi. It may also be used in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

In the modern day, individuals with the surname Abdel-Karim are usually of Middle Eastern, North African, or South Asian descent. The spelling of Abdel-Karim may also vary somewhat depending on the language or country— for example, variations of the name may appear as ‘Abdalkarem’, ‘Abdelekarim’, or ‘Abdelkarim’ in various countries.

Famous people with the name Abdel-Karim

  • Hazem Abdel-Karim: an Egyptian actor, television and radio presenter, comedian and host.
  • Najah Abdel-Karim: a Lebanese news anchor and television presenter.
  • Rafik Abdel-Karim: an Egyptian composer and the founder of the 'Eastern Music Academy'.
  • Hassan Abdel-Karim: an Egyptian actor and singer.
  • Amal Abdel-Karim: a Syrian award-winning documentary filmmaker and director.
  • Shadia Abdel-Karim: a Syrian actor actress, director and producer.
  • Amal Abdel-Karim: a Syrian actress and producer.
  • Nael Abdel-Karim: an Egyptian film director, writer, producer and actor.
  • Invinity Abdel-Karim: a musician and artist from Egypt and a member of the band Mada Masr.
  • Zeina Abdel-Karim: a Syrian actress, script writer, and television host.
  • Ahmed Abdel-Karim: the President of Youth World Organisation for Peace.
  • Amir Abdel-Karim: a Syrian actor and director.
  • Hussein Abdel-Karim: a Syrian film director and producer.
  • Rami Abdel-Karim: an Egyptian film director, screenwriter and editor.
  • Ismail Abdel-Karim: an Egyptian film director, screenwriter and actor.
  • Amira Abdel-Karim: a Syrian student and activist.
  • Mohamed Abdel-Karim: an Egyptian actor, film director and producer.
  • Abdel Karim Obeid: former commander of Hezbollah's External Security Organization.
  • Bashar Abdel-Karim: an Egyptian actor, director and producer.
  • Farah Abdel-Karim: a Syrian film director and producer.

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