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Surname Abdelhamid - Meaning and Origin

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Abdelhamid: What does the surname Abdelhamid mean?

The last name Abdelhamid is an Arabic surname, derived from the given name 'Abd al-Hamid'. The given name is composed of two parts: 'Abd', which is short for 'Abd Allah' and translates to 'Servant of Allah', and 'al-Hamid', which translates to 'the Praised'.

This last name is traditionally associated with people who have a connection to Islam and is a way to honor the Prophet Muhammad. It is typically given to Muslim males as an indication of their dedication to Allah and often used as an expression of love and respect for Muhammad and his teachings.

People who have the last name Abdelhamid often share traits of being generous, ambitious and courageous. This name can also indicate that the family is of high standing, as people typically give this name to someone who they admire and respect.

Although this last name is not as widely used today as it used to be, it still carries a strong meaning. By bearing the name Abdelhamid, individuals are reminded of their faith and their commitment to Allah, as well as a respect for the Prophet Muhammad and his teachings.

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Abdelhamid: Where does the name Abdelhamid come from?

The surname Abdelhamid is most commonly seen in Arab countries. The name’s origin is in Arabic and is a combination of the words “Abd” (servant or worshipper of) and “al-Hamid” (God’s grace). This surname is very common in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and the Palestinian territories. It’s also common in some parts of North Africa, such as Morocco and Tunisia.

Abdelhamid is quite a popular name across the Middle East. It is often used as a given name, but it is more commonly used as a surname. It’s become even more popular in recent years due to the refugee crisis, which has seen more Arab refugees arrive in Europe, the United States and elsewhere, with many bearing the surname Abdelhamid.

The name Abdelhamid has also spread to other parts of the world, particularly in the United States and Canada. People of Arab descent living outside of the Middle East have been giving their children the name Abdelhamid, meaning that the name is truly global.

Generally speaking, the Abdelhamid surname is seen to indicate a person of deep faith and religious devotion. In some places, the name is also seen to symbolize strength and courage, and honor.

Variations of the surname Abdelhamid

Abdelhamid is a surname of North African origin. There are various variants, spellings, and surnames that are derived from the same origin. These include Abd al-Hamid, Abdel Haleem, Abdul Hamid, Abdel Hamid, Abdul Hameed, and Haamid.

Given its North African roots, there are a number of variants that may appear in other languages common to the region. For example, the variant Abd el-Hamid is common in Egypt, while Abdelhamide is more common in French- speaking North Africa.

The variants Abdul Hameed and Abdul Hamid can also be seen in the Middle East, where many of the names common to the region are often transliterated into modern languages. Similarly, many of the variants can also be found throughout the Muslim world, albeit in different formats.

Given the wide range in spelling variations, all of the above-mentioned variants are considered to be of the same origin, and all hold the same meaning: servant of The Most Praised or Glorified, a title generally attributed to Allah in Islam.

Famous people with the name Abdelhamid

  • Sami Abdelhamid: Egyptian football manager. He previously worked as an assistant to some of the major clubs, such as Al-Ahly and Al-Merrikh.
  • Abdelmajid El Hachmi: Moroccan national and international basketball player. He played with the Morocco national basketball team at the 2007 FIBA Africa Championships.
  • Hosam Abdelhamid: Egyptian actor. He gained fame for his role in the popular Egyptian drama series forums and soap operas.
  • Nahed nurt Abdelhamid: Sudanese scholar and diplomat. She served as Sudan’s first female cabinet minister and was the first Muslim woman to hold a ministerial portfolio.
  • Shawky Abdelhamid: Egyptian business tycoon. He is the founder of Egypt’s largest private equity firm, Falcon Capital.
  • Ahmed Abdelhamid: Emirati international footballer. He is currently the captain of the U.A.E. Under-19 national football team.
  • Sameh Abdelhamid: Egyptian professional footballer. He currently plays as a defender for Al-Masry in the Egyptian Premier League.
  • Mohamed Abdelhamid: Moroccan footballer. He plays as a goalkeeper for FUS Rabat in the Botola Pro League.
  • Amina Abdelhamid: Emirati national and international footballer and striker. She currently plays for Al-Nasr L.F.C., alongside playing for the U.A.E. Under-17 national team.

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