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Surname Abdellatif - Meaning and Origin

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Abdellatif: What does the surname Abdellatif mean?

The last name Abdellatif is an Arabic given name derived from the Arabic words “abd”, meaning “servant of”, and “latif”, meaning “gentle” or “kind”. The name can be translated to mean “servant of the gentle one” or “servant of the kind one.” This is due to the fact that it is related to the Islamic religion, in which Allah, literally meaning ‘the one’ and often referred to as al-Latif (the gentle one) or the ‘most kind’, is considered a major figure.

According to the origin of the last name, those who carry it are said to be followers of Allah and his teachings. Those with this last name are typically known to be people of high moral standards, deeply rooted in faith and compassion. The name is also associated with being humble, patient and selfless. These character traits lead those with the name to often find themselves in positions of leadership, due to their kind disposition and willingness to help serve others in need.

In summary, the last name Abdellatif carries with it deep religious connotations, passing down a history of excellent values from generation to generation. The name is one of good character, often standing for humility, patience and selflessness.

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Abdellatif: Where does the name Abdellatif come from?

The last name Abdellatif is most commonly found today in North Africa. This surname is most predominately seen in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Egypt. It is also found in many other countries throughout the world including France, Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The origin of this surname lies in the Arab root word, Abd Lawti, which means ‘servant of the Almighty’. Commonly this name is used as the surname for most Muslims living in Northern Africa as it is a way to identify a person as a follower of Islam.

The etymology of the surname, Abdellatif, is also rooted in the Berber languages. In Berber tongue, Abd means ‘servant’ and Latif means ‘gentle’. Together, the surnamed denotes a gentle servant of the Lord, hinting why it is so commonly used today.

Most common today for those of Arab origin, this surname has multiple variants including Abdellateef, Abdellatief, and Abdeletif. Those with the last name of Abdellatif often trace their ancestry to a long line of wealthy and powerful families from North Africa, having split off and spread into different countries throughout the world.

Due to the ever-evolving world, this surname has seen an increase in frequency in the west. There is even a twitter account made in dedication to this last name allowing those with the surname to be connected and share experiences they may have.

Variations of the surname Abdellatif

The surname Abdellatif is a common North African and Moroccan surname, derived from the Arabic Abd Allatif. It is commonly written as Abdelatif, which is the same spelling, but is used by French-speaking Arabophone countries throughout the world. There are also many distinct variants of this surname, each with slightly different spellings.

• Abd Alatif or Abdalatif is another spelling, and is itself an Arabic acronym of ‘servant of Al-Atif’, meaning ‘one who is kindly’.

• Abdelaty is an alternative spelling of the same surname meaning ‘servant of the one kind’.

• Abdulatif is yet another variation of the surname and is derived from the Islamic derogatory Abd Al-Atif, meaning ‘servant of the benevolent one’.

• Abadillatiff is a rare regional spelling used mainly by Arabs living in Northeastern North Africa.

• Abdelatife is similarly, a distinct spelling of the surname from the region of Sudan in East Africa.

• Abdelatif is related also to Abdeslam, a variation of the same surname meaning ‘servant of the Good One’.

• The variant spelling of Abdallahatif is derived from the Arabic Abd Allah Atif and can be interpreted as ‘servant of Allah, the Kindly One’.

• Finally, Abdeletif is a regional spelling used mainly by Arabs living in Syria, meaning ‘servant of the Righteous One’.

In summary, the different spellings of the name Abdellatif can offer a range of interpretations about its origin and meaning. Taken together, they offer a reflection of the diversity of the Arab culture and its various regional dialects.

Famous people with the name Abdellatif

  • Adel Abdellatif: Egyptian actor and screenwriter who wrote the screenplays for the films Amal, Yacoubian Building, and The Best of Times.
  • Komail A. Abdellatif: Gulf-based artist who creates expressive artworks with oil and acrylic.
  • Rana Abdellatif: Egyptian fashion designer and entertainer who specializes in modernizing traditional styles.
  • Samira Abdellatif: University professor and feminist who founded the Institute of Sensibilities and Barbarism.
  • Sharifa Abdellatif: Sudanese-Italian model who appeared in the first Sudan Luxury Show in the country’s history.
  • Emad Abdellatif: Award-winning music producer who is popular for the house genre track “Love To Buy.”
  • Elham Abdellatif: Award-winning Saudi Arabian humanitarian, philanthropist, and researcher who has worked with several NGOs on the causes of poverty.
  • Ghada Abdel Latif: Egyptian singer, actress, and screenwriter who won many awards and released her first album in 2005.
  • Abdelaziz Abdellatif: Moroccan-American artist and professor whose work has been showcased in several major galleries around the world.
  • Khadija Abdellatif: Iraqi-American artist who creates works of art that explore identity, place, and displacement.

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